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WS2. HCS & Data mining

(Wednesday 24th October, FARADAY Theatre, 18:00-19:30h)

High Content Screening Technology (HCS) can be summarized as the fusion of automated microscopy acquisition and image analysis.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a general overview of the latest advances in HCS making a special effort in all practical details related with this technology. The three speakers have extensively worked in this field and will share their experience with the workshop attendants.

This workshop will cover the whole HCS workflow from biological assay design, to image analysis and data mining process. Here you will see how to use in your laboratory free open source software tools to automate image and data analysis.

Technologies approached: 

Organisers: Diego Megías (CNIO)


- Hugo Botelho (U. Lisboa)

- André Maia (U. Tübingen)

- Diego Megías (CNIO)

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