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WS1. Tissue Imaging. Label free & Clearing

(Wednesday 24th October, CURIE Classroom, 18:00-19:30h)


Tissues and organ imaging is an increasing demand from modern cell biology since it allows to study the cells in their natural habitat. Tissue architecture and composition are essential for cell functions to the extent that alterations of cellular environnment are associated to pathological disorders. For these reasons, this workshop includes presentations of Clearing Methods to image whole organs, tissues and tumours, Technologies such as Polarization based SHG (Second Harmonic Generation) that allow to image label free extracellular matrix of collagen in organs and tissues, myosin in muscle and microtubules in axons, and Green Polarization Microscopy used to study collagen fibers architecture in lamellar bone.

Technologies approached: Second Harmonic Generation, non-linear microscopy, tissue clearing, large samples.

Organisers: Maria Calvo (UB)


Pablo Loza-Alvarez (ICFO)

- Santiago Gómez (U. Cádiz)

- Victoria Gómez Gaviro (HGGM)

- Montserrat Coll-Lladó (EMBL-ES)

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