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A series of sessions developed in collaboration between 4-5 experts (network's and invited collaborators...) that aim to address specific key aspects of a technology. These sessions are interactive and participative with different possible formats and didactic resources (sequence of short presentations, practical demonstration, hands on, roundtable, training session...). During the congress, different workshops are launched in parallel in order to cover different technologies and fulfill most of the participants requirements. 

Each participant will be able to attend 2-3 out of 7 workshops

WS1) Tissue Imaging. More details

WS2) HCS & Data mining. More details

WS3) Bioimage Analysis: Big Data & Tracking. More details

WS4) DIY Mesoscopic Imaging. More details

WS5) Bioimage Analysis: Machine Learning/Deep Learning. More details

WS6) Plant and Bacterial Imaging. More details

WS7) Super Resolution. More details

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