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WS7. Super Resolution

(Thursday 25th October, GUTENBERG Classroom, 17:30-19:00h)

Imaging beyond the optical resolution limit (super-resolution light microscopy) has in the last years become used more and more frequently in biological imaging. The underlying methods and principles are by now readily integrated into commercially available microscope systems and suitable fluorophores for these applications have been characterized and are available. As with all imaging methods, a good super-resolution (SR) image or dataset is the product of the sample, the labeling protocol, the used instrumentation, the imaging settings as well the subsequent data analysis and rendering. These requirements are becoming more strict as degrading artifacts become more pronounced with increased resolution. All components of the imaging process need to be handled properly to obtain a good result and this requires expertise beyond the access to a suitable instrument. This workshop aims to provide useful information on the practical aspects of available SR methods by presenting the insights of specialists in localization microscopy and STED/RESOLFT microscopy. 

Technologies approached: 

Organisers: Timo Zimmermann (CRG)


- Timo Zimmermann (CRG): Special objectives for optical corrections, deconvolution imaging

- Lorenzo Albertazzi (IBEC): Localization microscopy

- Ilaria Testa (KTH): STED and RESOLFT imaging

- Kees Jalink (NCI): Localization microscopy

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