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WS6. Plant and Bacterial Imaging

(Thursday 25th October, SAGAN Classroom, 17:30-19:00h)

In the present workshop, the state of the art of advanced light microscopy in reference to the latest developments in plant cell biology and the imaging of bacteria, fungi and other related structures like pollen and spores will be reviewed. Tricks and tips to reach the highest resolution and to avoid (or to take advantage of) particular features of these tissues, like the high autofluorescence or the presence of the cell wall will be analysed and discussed. The workshop aims to be an open and interactive forum to share ideas.


Technologies approached: Tissue clearing, Imaging/removing autofluorescence, specific preparative methods, potential fluorophores, transformation-compatible methods, new imaging tools for plant and bacteria.

Organisers: Juan de Dios Alché (EEZ-CSIC) & John Pearson (BIONAND)


- Jessica Pérez Sancho (UMA)

- Pilar Sánchez Testillano (CIB-CSIC)

- Miroslav Ovecka (Palacky U.)

- Carlos Molina Santiago (UMA)

- Krzystof Zienkiewicz (U. Goettingen)

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