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WS4. DIY Mesoscopic Imaging

(Thursday 25th October, CURIE Classroom, 17:30-19:00h)

This Workshop will feature 4 hands-on demos featuring hardware solutions relevant to Open/do-it-yourself-Custom Mesoscopic Imaging for large samples: Optical Projection Tomography with OPenT, Arduino based harware control for Lighsheet imaging, LEGO-based motorized Lighsheet (LEMOLish) for cleared samples, and Sample holders for LSFM


Technologies approached: Hardware for lighthseet and OPT imaging for large samples, custom systems, affordable implementations, environmental control, sample holders engineering

Organisers: Julien Colombelli (IRB) & Gaby Martins (I. Gulbenkian) 


- Gaby Martins (I. Gulbenkian)

- Emilio Gualda (Med. Tech. Park)

- Matteo Bernardello (ICFO)

- Julien Colombelli (IRB)

- Corinne Lorenzo (ITAV)

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