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WS3. Bioimage Analysis: Big Data & Tracking

(Wednesday 24th October, SAGAN Classroom, 18:00-19:30h)

Modern microscopy allows live 3D imaging of large samples with high spatial and temporal resolution. While this promises to shed light on important and unexplored aspects of biology, the required computational methods for storage, visualization, and data analysis, curation, and annotation struggle to keep up with the many terabytes of data.This workshop will introduce some of the techniques and tools that help biologists harness very large images. We will also review the state of the art in algorithms for cell tracking:- Strategy for interactive manipulation of large images. - Multi-view fusion & deconvolution. Using MaMuT for cell tracking analysis in large images in practice. - Interoperability with R.- What have we learned from the Cell Tracking challenge?


Technologies approached: 

Organisers: Jean Ives Tinevez (Institut Pasteur)


- Jean Ives Tinevez (Institut Pasteur)

- Marion Louveaux (C. Organismal Studies)

- Arrate Muñoz Barrutia (UC3M)

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